Mission Statement

To ensure the long-term hedge of our company, we declare

solve the problems of the customer, viz.:

  • competent and responsible staff and preserving the ability to listen
  • thereby increasing customer satisfaction continuously

make a contribution to society, viz.:

  • Use of environment-and resource-saving technologies and Implementation of new procedures
  • elimination of risks and hazards and the prevention of accidents, health and environmental damage, including to third parties
  • Cooperative relations with customers and suppliers
  • compliance with legal, regulatory and other receivables

be technologically up to date, viz.:

  • to spot ocurring Opportunities
  • have the courage with own developments and inovative suppliers to break new ground

efficient order processing, viz.:

  • simple, clear internal processes
  • Continuous improvement of service delivery
  • continuous training of employees.

to expand, viz.:

  • develop and tender new services
  • expand our geographical operating range