First response
Emergency assistance

At your disposal:

  • High-performance suction units for solid/pasty substances, also for dusts and dangerous goods
  • High-performance suction tankers with ADR permit
  • Tank containers with ADR permit
  • Suction tank trailers with ADR permit
  • Tank trailers with ADR permit
  • Special machine for intensive cleaning of travel surfaces with high-pressure water (working pressure up to 1000 bar, hydrostatic drive)
  • Mobile oil separators (6 l/sec., with activated-carbon stage)
  • Mobile steel tanks for intermediate storage, up to 30 m, liquid-proof, Integrated suction and compaction unit for asbestos

We have an experienced team of employees with engineering training in the sectors of chemistry, construction and building, and mechanical engineering, our operative personnel are trained in many special fields and are capable of carrying out jobs with special protective measures, such as respiratory protection or full protection.